NOSTALGIA: The bigger one got away


Young Paul Courier did not look all too happy with his catch.

The oohs and aahs of encouragement from photographer Pete Spencer couldn’t bring a smile to his face, nor would he say ‘cheese’ for the camera.

The reason for Paul’s disappointment? The bigger fish had gotten away.

Paul, from Flore, was on a bank of the canal at Brockhall one Saturday in March 1975, using a spinner.

“I hooked a really big one, but it got away,” he said.

“I had another go and got this one, and got it on the bank in about five minutes.”

He rushed round to Mr Spencer, who also lived in Flore, so that he could get his picture taken with the fish because he knew nobody would believe him without proof.

The pike weighed 3lbs 6oz and was 22 inches long. Mr Spencer, who suggested to Paul that he should rest on his laurels after landing such an impressive catch, also photographed the fish against a box of matches and a foot rule... for the sake of non-believers.

But there was no resting on any laurels for Paul.

After having his picture taken he dashed off to the canal again in an attempt to land the one that did get away.