NOSTALGIA: Show of support for ambulance staff

The protesters marched through DaventryThe protesters marched through Daventry
The protesters marched through Daventry
A protest march against the government's treatment of ambulance staff was staged in Daventry town centre in January 1990.

The marchers, who had a police escort, set off from the ambulance station, went through the town centre and ended up by the magistrates court in New Street.

On the way they collected cash for the cause, raising £700 in two hours.

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The message to the then Health Secretary Kenneth Clarke was quite clear, according to co-organiser of the march Alf Goodridge, leader of the Daventry Labour Group.

“The huge majority of people believe the ambulancemen should get more money than Mr Clarke is offering, and if he intends to continue fighting their claim he will have a hell of a battle,” said Mr Goodridge.

Support for the ambulance staff would continue into February when Daventry people walked away from their jobs to support a demonstration.

People stopped working and stood outside their workplaces for 15 minutes as a show of support for the cause.

The stoppage showed the extent of public support for the ambulance staff who continued collecting donations thorughout the dispute.

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