NOSTALGIA: Sheila bites off more than she can chew

Sheila Betts
Sheila Betts

This is Long Buckby woman Sheila Betts who, in March 1984, got more than she bargained for after complaining about a cheese roll.

In March 1984, Sheila moaned to a friend that there was a lack of filling in her sandwich.

As the picture shows, she got more than a mouthful back.

Sheila returned to renew the unsavoury argument at Daventry Working Men’s Club a week later.

When she showed up to the men’s club Sheila, of Mill House in Jubilee Park, was presented with a whole French baguette. It was filled entirely with Stilton blue cheese so as to keep her quiet.... but it didn’t work.

Sheila joked to the Gusher: “I thought I would have the last laugh by getting it in the Weekly Express!”