NOSTALGIA: Residents go flat out to fundraise... in costume

The residents of Mountbatten House
The residents of Mountbatten House

This motley crew consisting of a Roman emperor, a genie and a scuba diver, among others, is in fact a collection of determined residents from a Daventry block of flats.

Nineteen years ago, in August 1988, they set out to repair their block’s bad reputation when they took to the streets to raise cash for charity.

At least 15 inhabitants of Mountbatten House, on the Southbrook estate, donned fancy dress and raised £554 for the Northampton General Hospital Cat Scan appeal, through collections in the town’s streets and pubs.

Caretaker Pauline Farrell said the group had collected from 9am on Saturday right the way through to 10pm that evening.

“We wanted to do something for charity and we wanted to get rid of Mountbatten’s bad reputation,” said Mrs Farrell.

“There were bad rumours about the place when it was first built but now there is so much good will there. It is amazing,” she added.

The group’s fundraising was their way of doing something good for the community of Daventry, and Mrs Farrell said it was only the start.