NOSTALGIA: Pupils take to the streets

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Banner-waving children from the Grange Comprehensive School are seen marching through the streets of Daventry in protest over education cuts in February, 1980.

The pupils were supporting their teachers who were themselves at the time making their feelings known during a march in Northampton.

Armed with banners declaring ‘We don’t need no education cuts’ and ‘Cuts in education leads to a very poor nation’ the children stood outside the Conservative offices demanding action.

The protest march began at the Grange School in Badby Road West, then made its way over to Oxford Street, along New Street, through High Street, and then back to the school.

The children came up with the idea of the march as they felt they needed to speak out in support of their teachers.

Gladys Osborne watched the protest on Daventry’s High Street and told the newspaper she thought the protest was a very good idea, and that all schools should be doing the same thing.

However, she was worried that the action may have put teachers’ jobs at risk.

Parent Janet Blake said she was against the cuts because she was conscious of their affect on her future grandchildren.