NOSTALGIA: Pimple's dash for freedom

This 10-year-old former racehorse wreaked havoc in Daventry after straying from its field in Staverton and embarking on a four-mile dash which ended in the town's Market Square.

Pimple the horse, a regular winner of the Daventry Express’ ladies-only run from Rugby to Daventry, is thought to have escaped because somebody forgot to close his gate after walking across his field in January 1970.

After getting out of its field, Pimple became upset by the traffic on the road and made his way towards Daventry.

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Car after car added to his terror but Jim Denise, pictured, intervened and made a grab for Pimple, but the horse flung him into the nearest ditch.

Not to be outdone, Mr Denise flagged down a motorist and gave chase.

Pimple careered on his way, putting fear into drivers who were forced to swerve out of the way. He crossed the A45 along Warwick Street and through the busy traffic on Daventry’s High Street.

Mr Denise caught up with Pimple on the Market Square and hung on to him, before leading him to the Abbey School playing field.

There, PC Tony Blackwell (inset) took over and stayed with the horse until transport arrived.

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