NOSTALGIA: Look, Mum – a bomb!

John Evans and his bomb
John Evans and his bomb

John Evans was cutting back a hedgerow in December 1975 when his axe clouted a bit of old scrap metal.

Clearing away the rubbish he realised it had just bounced off a 50lb German bomb.

It gave him quite a surprise, but his mother got an even bigger shock when he proudly showed off the explosive to her in the kitchen of Bush Hill Farm in Flecknoe.

“She wasn’t very pleased,” said John, describing his mother’s fear that the bomb could go off at any second, though he was less convinced.

“I’d brought it back two miles in the Land Rover and it hadn’t gone up, but I suppose she was right,” he said.

The explosive, packed with gelignite, was dealt with by an Army bomb disposal unit where it lay in a nearby field.

An Army spokesman said that despite much of the casing rotting away, the bomb’s end which was still intact could have been lethal.

John’s mother Ruth, meanwhile, was not impressed with the whole episode.

“John came in with this bomb in his arms and said: ‘Look what I’ve found!’

“I told him to take it out at once – when I got my breath back!”

The bomb is pictured in its new resting place... 200 yards away from the farm.