NOSTALGIA: Glorious chapel window of former Daventry monastery

Our Lady of Passion Monastery's chapel window
Our Lady of Passion Monastery's chapel window

Pictured above is a £4,000 chapel window which once stood in the Our Lady of Passion Monastery, on the outskirts of Daventry.

The spectacular large window stood 15ft high and 20ft wide, and was paid for from a generous donation.

It depicts the first “Passionist Missionary” in the Catholic faith, Dominic Barbery.

Mother Catherine, a nun from the monastery, explained who Dominic Barbery was to the Gusher back in 1982. She said: “He was the first to come over to England from Italy in the middle of the 19th century after the religion was re-established here.

“And the first man he received into the faith was George Spencer, who was a distant relative of Princess Diana.”

Mother Catherine and 11 nuns based in the monastery when the window was unveiled were all “very pleased” with the result.

The Our Lady of Passion Monastery, also known as Badby House, was transformed into a care home for the elderly after a drawn-out planning process.

The Grade II listed house, on Badby Road West off the A361, was home to Catholic nuns for more than 40 years. The last remaining nuns moved out in August 2005.