NOSTALGIA: Daventry pub regulars head for Peru

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No Caption ABCDE NNL-180321-102628005

Mountain hiking, exploring through the jungle and trucking across the desert was in store for these intrepid Daventry team members as they set off for Peru on a three-week adventure.

Laden with rucksacks, Colin Barden, Paul Wood, Paul King, John Moser, Nick Wood and Lisa Wood left for South America on the Dun Cow Trans Expedition 1988.

All were regulars at the Dun Cow pub in Brook Street.

Their first week would be spent in the Atacama desert, where they visited a ruined pre-Colombian city.

Then they followed the Inca trail through the mountains which would lead them to a lost city of the ancient civilisation.

Trekking through the jungle and canoeing down one of the Amazonian tributaries completed the group’s three weeks, before they flew back home to Northamptonshire.

Once back on English soil, the adventurers were to set up the Daventry Dangerous Holidays Club.

Their intention behind forming the association was to endeavour to take an unusual holiday every year.