NOSTALGIA: Daventry couple’s miracle babies

Geoff Faint and wife Sue.
Geoff Faint and wife Sue.

A proud disabled Daventry man became the first-ever Thalidomide victim to father triplets, read a Gusher front page from 29 years ago.

Geoff Faint’s able-bodied wife Sue gave birth to three healthy babies at the Barratt Maternity Home in Northampton in the spring of 1988. The odds for having triplets were about 10,000/1.

The fact Geoff has been disabled since birth as a result of the pain-killing drug Thalidomide – which used to be taken by pregnant mothers until it was found to have horrific side effects – made the births even more unlikely.

Geoff was born without legs and is confined to a wheelchair.

Benjamin (4lb 3oz), Daniel (3lb 9oz) and Emma (3lb 3oz) were born two months premature, and apart from the fact the boys needed a little oxygen after birth, all three babies were perfectly healthy.

Mum Sue said she was not at all daunted by the prospect of having triplets and burst out laughing when the doctor told her the news. “I thought it was funny,” Sue told the Gusher back in 1988.

The pregnancy was not trouble-free however, and after only six months Sue started to go into labour.

Doctors managed to arrest the birth and Sue was kept in hospital for the next month, giving birth soon after.