NOSTALGIA: Dancers have talent on tap

This group of foot-tapping Daventry folk turned back their 1982 clocks by starting a revival of their favourite pastime... tap-dancing.

The dozen or so local dancers were attempting to recapture the magical steps of the old Hollywood musicals, which featured the likes of Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, Debbie Reynolds and Ginger Rogers.

All the amateur dancers pictured 
were members of the first tap class 
run by Daventry’s education department.

At the time they were eagerly 
anticipating the results of their first test – the bronze examinations of the International Dance Teachers’ Association.

One of the students, Lynn Bailham, told the paper she had been going to the classes for a year and found them to be very fun.

The classmates, who were 
self-described beginners, all took the exam though one, Joseph Hart, opted out.

“The rest of us are keeping our fingers crossed that we have passed the test,” said Miss Bailham.