NOSTALGIA: Brave bankers receive award

The manager of Daventry's Lloyds Bank, Charles Foster (centre), and his deputy, Gordon Richards (right), were rewarded for their bravery after they foiled a gunman in the bank in December 1972.

A year later, in October 1973, at a presentation ceremony at Newnham Hall, the two men received their Queen’s Commendations for brave conduct from Lord Lieutenant of Northamptonshire Lieutenant Colonel John Chandos-Pole (left).

Mr Foster, of Braunston, became suspicious when the man called the bank nearly half an hour late for his appointment, as the doors were about to shut.

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At the time of the incident Mr Foster told the Gusher: “There was something a bit fishy about the reason for the appointment, and when he didn’t turn up until the bank was about to be closed for the day I became more suspicious.

“I tipped the wink to my deputy to be ready and took the caller into my office, and I stood by my desk.

“I saw he had a pistol in his briefcase and as he started to take it out I dived at him. Mr Richards immediately dashed in and we overpowered the man and held him until the police came.”
The man was given an 18-month suspended sentence.