NOSTALGIA: Beatlemaniac’s bedroom museum

Glynn Fearby in his Beatles bedroom museum
Glynn Fearby in his Beatles bedroom museum

On a dressing table in a bedroom at Glynn Fearby’s Daventry home sits an empty beer can with two words printed on top of it: The Beatles.

These two words earned it a place in Glynn’s treasured collection of musical memorabilia designed to pay tribute to the Fab Four.

The beer can is just one of hundreds of souvenirs of the legendary group which grace the bedroom museum, along with 200 Beatles albums, posters, pictures, badges, magazines and videos collected by Glynn since he first became aware of the foursome’s music in 1975.

This photo was taken in January 1987, months before Glynn’s Beatlemania broke out of the bedroom and on to the stage as the Daventry man was putting the finishing touches to a musical he was producing.

The show charted the life of a fictitious male fan who lives and breathes Beatles music and is totally influenced by their lyrics.

Glynn spent three years developing the musical from its roots as an idea in the back of his mind to the finished script.

Glynn’s colleague Ken Austin directed the musical entitled The Beatles – In My Life.