NOSTALGIA: Back to the future

editorial image

Four schoolboys from Daventry Southbrook Comprehensive put their heads together when they designed and built a car of the future, guided by their tutors, Richard Haste and Andrew Hopkins.

The vehicle featured an extra hatchback rear section which could be clipped on in seconds for extra storage, meaning the team built a car and a half.

The car also caused a stir among industry experts as it included a secret that was meant to be under wraps until the 1980s – two years after this photo was taken.

The car featured four-wheel steering so it could almost move sideways. This design lead the BP Buildacar judges to award the boys first place in the competition.

The four-wheel steering, which designers were saving for the 1980s, meant the Southbrook car could turn full circle almost in its own length.

Like all other entries, it was built from odd bits and pieces from scrapyards, and was assembled at a cost of £150.

Pictured with the car are, from left to right, Kevin Pearson, David Perkins, Andrew Pearson and Mark Holmes.

They collected a new Austin-Morris minibus and gold-plated city car trophy to take home as reward.