NOSTALGIA: A close shave

A barber's pole which, for more than half a century, had proclaimed the traditional occupation of a then-vacant and crumbling shop in Sheaf Street dramatically fell to the pavement one day in March 1970.

Thankfully no-one was in harm’s way when the pole hit the deck from 15 feet up.

After all those years it chose to fall during a lull in the midday traffic on the street.

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It tumbled down, bringing chunks of cement rendering with it, after workers had made their way home and before they started on their way back to their factories and offices.

The Gusher’s receptionist at the time, Joan Black, had just stepped into a nearby butcher’s shop when the pole and cement hit the path where she had walked less than a minute before.

Pictured here is Paul Kolodij of Long Buckby.

He was standing by his car on the other side of the street from the empty barber shop.

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