Northamptonshire Police reveal three officers have been dismissed from service as a new report is published into abuse of authority for sexual gain

Police forces have been given six months to show how they will root out abuse of position for sexual gain.
Police forces have been given six months to show how they will root out abuse of position for sexual gain.

Northamptonshire Police says it is tackling potential abuse of authority for a sexual purpose, as a new report on the issue is published.

A national report says police have made "insufficient progress" on plans to tackle abuse of position for sexual gain.

It includes recommendations to monitor police IT systems, work closely with organisations that support vulnerable people and train staff to spot warning signs among colleagues.

It comes as Northamptonshire Police has revealed three officers have been dismissed in the past year over allegations and have "a number of other investigations ongoing".

Superintendent Mark Behan from Northamptonshire Police Professional Standards said: "We have read the assessment with interest and acknowledge the recommendations within it.

"We have begun working with relevant partner agencies to gather intelligence that will help tackle abuse of authority.

"I’m confident [inspectors] will find Northamptonshire Police has been and remains proactive in this area.

“In the past year we have also investigated allegations against three officers who have subsequently been dismissed from the service and we have a number of other investigations ongoing.

“Abuse of position for a sexual purpose drastically affects the legitimacy of the police service and the trust which the public place in it and we take it extremely seriously at Northamptonshire Police.

“There is always more to do, but Northamptonshire Police is moving in the right direction with a robust plan to tackle abuse of authority.

Police forces were given six months in May to submit their plans to tackle abuse of position.

But a new report published this week (October 2) found 11 out of 43 force plans lacked enough information.

Stephen Mold, Northamptonshire Police and Crime Commissioner, said: “It’s important that all police officers and staff act with the utmost integrity.

"This is a serious issue and the Force must root out any abuse of power and deal with it effectively.

“We will work closely with the Force to ensure the plans they have developed are sufficiently comprehensive and seek reassurance they have the capability and capacity to respond to the problem.”