Noise complaints at distribution centre

A COUPLE are fighting a supermarket giant claiming a newly opened distribution centre is making their lives ‘a misery’.

Andrew and Nikki Allman who live outside Kilsby near to the DIRFT site are so fed up with the noise made by the new Tesco Grocery Distribution Site they have launched a campaign to get the firm to reduce its noise levels.

The new site is designed to increase the use of rail to transport good across the UK.

But the couple who live just hundreds of yards away from the 800,000 square feet development, say noise levels are unacceptable.

The site operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week and has been opened for the past month. The Allman’s have been disturbed every night between 2am and 4am by excessive noise coming from frieght containers moving.

Mr Allman said: “During the development of the site, no consideration has been given to how it has affected our family life, but since the site became operational it has become extremely clear that the volumes of noise are excessive.

“This development has made our daily life a complete misery. Despite continuous complaints this is something we are living with every day.”

Things could get worse for the pair as the site is not yet fully operational.

Mr Allman attacked the decision to give the centre planning permission.

Mr Allman added: “Our property is located just hundreds of yards from the site, and I am amazed an operation of this size could be passed as acceptable to operate so close to a residential home, giving the volume of noise that are being experienced.”

The couple has complained to Daventry District Council and put up a banner criticising the supermarket giant for the impact.

Mr Allman concluded: “It really does make you think about the true values of all of these organisations.

“It certainly is not what they portray in respects of wanting to work in partnership with communities and neighbours and in this case every little does not help.”

DDC director Simon Bovey said: “Our Environmental Health team has been made aware of this problem by the complainant and is currently investigating the noise issues with Tesco and the other companies involved.”

Nobody from Tesco was available to make a comment at time of going to press.