No end yet in sight for Indian summer: special weather report

A brief incursion of a cold front across the county tomorrow, will make us realise just how unseasonably mild this October has become. Temperatures today are expected to top out at around 18C, whereas the average for this time of year should be more like 12 or 13C. However, as colder air works southwards into the county overnight , tomorrow’s temperatures may struggle at 11C.

Wednesday will by no means signal an end to the Indian summer, as warmer air is expected to move up from the south again on Thursday with highs reaching 16C.

Warm Octobers do seem to be becoming part of the norm. With the exception of 2008, 2010 and 2012, every October since 2004 locally has been warmer than the average; 2011 exceptionally so. In this month, daytime temperatures reached 27.5C on the 1st. However, the warmth didn’t last quite so long - the last really warm day that month was on the 23rd when 19.2C was recorded.

This October is on course to become, joint with 2013, the warmest since 2011. However, unlike October last year which was the wettest locally for 26 years, this October could parallel 2011 as being fairly dry.