NHS offers 16 tips to safely enjoy the hot weather in Northamptonshire

Health leaders in Northamptonshire have issued advice to help people in the county stay safe during the hot weather, including keeping out of the sun from 11am to 3pm.

By Callum Jones
Wednesday, 1st July 2015, 9:58 am
Eamon Lindsell from Northampton University Student Union, cooling off in the hot weather.
Eamon Lindsell from Northampton University Student Union, cooling off in the hot weather.

The Met Office is predicting that large parts of England will experience “heatwave” conditions today, with temperatures expected to soar above 30 degrees C.

The hot weather advice from NHS Nene includes:

-Keep out of the sun between 11am and 3pm.

-If you have to go out in the heat, walk in the shade, apply sunscreen and wear a hat and light scarf.

-Avoid extreme physical exertion.

-Wear light, loose-fitting cotton clothes.

-Have plenty of cold drinks, and avoid excess alcohol, caffeine and hot drinks

-Eat cold foods, particularly salads and fruit with a high water content

-Take a cool shower, bath or body wash

-Keeping your living space cool is especially important for infants, the elderly or those with chronic health conditions or who can’t look after themselves

-Place a thermometer in your main living room and bedroom to keep a check on the temperature

-Keep an eye on isolated, elderly, ill or very young people and make sure they are able to keep cool

-Ensure that babies, children or elderly people are not left alone in stationary cars

-Check on elderly or sick neighbours, family or friends every day during a heatwave

-Be alert and call a doctor or social services if someone is unwell or further help is needed

-If you have a health condition, keep medicines below 25 °C or in the refrigerator (read the storage instructions on the packaging)

-Seek medical advice if you are suffering from a chronic medical condition or taking multiple medications

-If you or others feel unwell, try to get help if you feel dizzy, weak, anxious or have intense thirst and headache; move to a cool place and rest as soon as possible and measure your body temperature

Dr Darin Seiger, GP and Chair and Nene CCG said “People can enjoy the sun without putting their health at risk. Take sensible precautions including avoiding the sun at the hottest time of the day and taking on lots of water to stay well in the heat. Keep young children out of the sun and protect them with high factor sun cream if they are exposed to the sun.

“There are lots of options that mean you can avoid an unnecessary trip to A&E. Remember, your local pharmacy can offer advice about common illnesses and over the counter remedies and NHS 111 can offer urgent medical care over the telephone. They will assess your condition and direct you to the appropriate service if necessary.

“Extreme heat can also put older and frail people in danger so I would urge people to keep a closer eye on vulnerable neighbours to make sure they are well-hydrated.”