New Year messages from Daventry district’s civic leaders

DDC chairman Cllr Deanna Eddon
DDC chairman Cllr Deanna Eddon

Daventry’s civic leaders give us their views on 2015 and look forward to 2016

During this year I have had the privilege to meet many residents and organisations in our town and district and throughout the year I have also made many visits to our neighbouring councils, forming relationships that will hopefully assist in closer working in the future.

Chris Heaton-Harris MP (second from right) at Daventry Methodist Church's hustings during the General Election campaign

Chris Heaton-Harris MP (second from right) at Daventry Methodist Church's hustings during the General Election campaign

Having attended the consultations I welcome the news that the Special Needs Academy (Hill School) has been approved. I attended the digging of the first sod for our new Northampton College on Badby Road and both these new facilities are due to open in 2016. Our primary and junior schools took part in my two art competition with great success.

It was an honour to take part in the opening of the new Mind Centre, yet another example of many people and organisations coming together for those in need.

Work in building the Daventry Link Road has prompted the start of our town developments.

The planned new area for, shops, restaurants, supermarket and hotel have now been approved and will commence soon.

DDC leader Cllr Chris Millar at the start of work on the Flore/Weedon bypass

DDC leader Cllr Chris Millar at the start of work on the Flore/Weedon bypass

The year closes with the prospect that the New Year will be better than ever, Daventry is getting the education, employment and leisure facilities that she so richly deserves.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank all those many people, colleagues and friends that have made this a memorable year for me.

I like to wish you all a happy and healthy New Year.

Cllr Deanna Eddon

Mayor of Daventry Cllr Wendy Randall taking part in the Lantern Parade

Mayor of Daventry Cllr Wendy Randall taking part in the Lantern Parade

Chairman Daventry
District Council

This year had two highlights for me. The obvious one was the General Election result (again thank you for putting your trust in me a second time!).

The second one was being asked to walk out with the Team GB at the Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles in July.

Both were unbelievably humbling moments that will provide me with memories I shall never forget.

I’m expecting both those two things to return as themes for 2016.

Politically I fully expect us to have the in/out referendum on our membership of the European Union by the end of this year. It’s a huge decision and whatever the country decides will have profound ramifications on all of our lives.

I like people to know where I stand on the big political issues. Currently I would vote to leave, but I have done a huge amount of work on determining what a renegotiation could and might look like, so can see there is a (slim) chance that we might achieve a better settlement and if so, I’d vote for it. For me it all depends of what the Prime Minister is able to achieve in the next few weeks/months.

As for the Special Olympics – well I think it is poor state of affairs when Northamptonshire doesn’t have a Special Olympics team and this is something I fully intend to change in 2016. If you’d like to help me in this project, please drop me an e-mail at

I truly hope that you have a nice break over the New Year and that 2016 brings only good things for you, your friends and family. If I can ever help, please just let me know.

Chris Heaton-Harris

MP for Daventry

Despite our Settlement Funding from Central Government being down by 16 per cent for 2016/17 which is far worse than was anticipated we are confident in facing up to this latest challenge in a positive and constructive way.

We are already one of the lowest district/borough council tax levels around with an average “Band D” precept level of £127.93 per annum which equates to approximately nine per cent of your total council tax bill after taking account of the county council, police and town/parish councils’ precepts.

Our aim is to continue to offer really good value for money to all residents by maintaining our current level of services with a relatively low Council Tax whilst also investing in our long term plans for the town and district’s economy.

This we believe will attract further substantial investment into our district which should maintain our very low levels of unemployment and give greater prosperity for all in the years to come.

Our exciting proposals include for example building a minimum of 50 new homes for market sale to assist with local growing housing demand and producing a planning application for a new boatlift on the proposed Daventry Canal Arm thereby creating a regional and potentially national tourist attraction to help drive further economic investment across our district.

We are investing further monies to support existing businesses and through the council’s excellent staff, further revenue savings have been identified which will keep our costs down.

Wishing all Gusher readers and their families a prosperous and happy 2016.

Cllr Chris Millar

Leader DDC

It is a great honour to be Mayor of Daventry and over the last few weeks I have enjoyed the growing excitement in the town over the approach of Christmas.

Since May I have been lucky enough to have been invited to some wonderful community events and was so proud to be involved with Daventry’s first ever lantern parade. It was a fabulous to see so many people taking part and the atmosphere on that evening was amazing.

It proved to me and the Town Council that the Daventry Community spirit is very much alive and something we intend to build on in the future.

I feel privileged to represent the people of Daventry for the remaining five months

in my current term of office as Town Mayor and will continue to do my very best to serve you well.

I’m taking this opportunity to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year

Cllr Wendy Randall

Mayor of Daventry