New year brings same old rubbish problems

FOR many residents in the Daventry district the new year just brings the same old problems – abandoned rubbish on their doorsteps.

The Gusher reported in October how neighbours living next door to a gigantic mountain of mess on Broad March, Daventry, are ashamed to call the area their home.

They say rats have been spotted and neighbouring businesses are also unhappy with how it portrays the area.

Despite the environmental health team at Daventry District Council (DDC) saying it is working to clear the mess the rubbish still remains.

The other mountain of mess is situated on Everdon Road, in Dodford.

Residents on neighbouring Abbey Court say this is also attracting vermin and causing a serious health hazard.

The Environment Agency previously said it served an enforcement notice in July last year for the owner to clean up the land, but he has since gone missing and can’t be located. This issue is now also being dealt with by DDC’s environmental health team.

Lynn Henderson, who lives next to the rubbish in Broad March, said: “We’ve been in contact with all the councils in Northamptonshire and nobody wants to know.

“But I’m not going to let it lie because it’s a disgrace. We’ve been told we just have to learn to live with it but that’s not good enough.

Elaine Hamer, who lives on Abbey Court in Dodford, said: “Nothing has happened at all, it’s exactly the same as before. It’s just very unpleasant to live next to. We expect a bit more.

“It’s not an industrial area that we live in here so this shouldn’t be a problem.”

Paul Knight, environmental health manager at DDC, said that some waste has been cleared at the Broad March site since October but the council is not satisfied with the speed at which the clearance is taking place. As a result formal action may be taken in the coming weeks.” 

Mr Knight added that DDC has only just been advised about the problems on Everdon Road and is now investigating what options are available to tackle the problem.