New ukulele group hits the right notes

Pictured is Barry Nash with his Ukulele
Pictured is Barry Nash with his Ukulele

A NEW ukulele group is looking to launch in Daventry.

With ukulele groups springing up all over the country as the instrument becomes more and more popular Barry Nash wants to get a group going in the Daventry area.

He said: “I play the ukulele and was looking to see if there was any local groups and was surprised to find there wasn’t.

“The instrument has seen a bit of a revival in recent years with more and more people playing it.

“It’s a simple instrument to start playing – you only need to know a couple of chords and you can perform songs, and buying a ukulele can be cheap too.

“Lots of people have ukuleles but aren’t using them, or maybe they want to start but don’t know how.

“That’s why I want to get the Daventry Ukulele Group going.”

If you’re interested contact Mr Nash on 07814 128688.