New town smoothie shop bursts on to the scene

Tracy Holmes and Kevin Nayler
Tracy Holmes and Kevin Nayler

Daventry has a new shop specialising in food that’s fast and good for you!

Berryburst smoothie bar in Sheaf Street opened on Monday December 1, under the management of Tracy Holmes and her partner Kevin Nayler.

Offering a range of fruit smoothies, ice creams, soups, jacket potatoes and coffees, Tracy said she hopes her 
colourful new store will be a hit with the old and young alike.

She said “We really wanted to bring something different to Daventry.

“We want to provide a healthy alternative to fast food.”

Tracy, who lives on The Croft, off The Slade in Daventry, previously worked at a coffee shop and the Specsavers opticians in Bowen Square. Berryburst is her first step into the world of small business and, as well as the help of her partner, Tracy’s mother Ellie Adams has also pitched in to help get the business up and running.

The couple said they decided on a smoothie bar after seeing the success of similar businesses while on holiday. She said: “My partner and I have been living in Daventry for three years.

“I have always wanted my own coffee shop and we realised if we didn’t do something now it would never happen.”

Tracy said the bright colour scheme and varied menu has already attracted interest from local businesses.

She added: “So far it has been really great; we have had people in of all ages as people from local businesses have popped in to wish us good luck.”

If the business takes off Tracy said she hopes to hire a member of staff and begin juicing in store, as well as taking part in food events and festivals. There are also plans to expand into a delivery service catering for offices and small businesses locally.