New talks over security network

Keeping the radio network and town centre wardens will be looked into by Daventry Town Council after last week’s failed BID vote.

With the Business Improvement District being wound up at the end of March, funding will end for the radio links kept by traders in Daventry, and the wardens.

On Monday night the town council, which owns the town’s CCTV network, heard from several people appealing for help in keeping the security aspects of BID going.

Colin Poole said: “The BID security cost £75,000 a year. If the town council takes it on I don’t expect many council tax payers in Daventry will want to end up paying for something that mainly benefits shops and the police. I suggest it is offered on a cost-neutral basis to the businesses.”

Peter Harper said: “Some businesses have said they provide their own security, others rely heavily on the radios and wardens. We need to listen to all these views and come up with something.”

Ben Lloyd, who owns several businesses in the town, said: “We also need to look at marketing. Moving forward, we need to see more co-operation between the different organisations and councils.”

After hearing the comments made by the public, the councillors voted to carry out a feasibility study into the town council taking on the radio and warden services, and to try and find funding so the cost would not be borne solely by residents of the town.