New superfast broadband service via satellite launched in Northamptonshire

Superfast satellite broadband with speeds up to 30Mbps has now reached Northamptonshire.

Wednesday, 31st August 2016, 4:32 pm
Updated Wednesday, 31st August 2016, 5:36 pm

Avonline Broadband has teamed up with satellite provider Avanti Communications Group to bring the new service to the county.

The launch of this new service coincides with a Government-backed subsidy scheme which means that the system is installed free of charge for eligible users struggling to get fast broadband.

Mark Wynn, managing director of Avonline, said: “For the many homes and businesses in the county still waiting for superfast broadband, this new 30mbps satellite broadband service is available immediately.

Mark Wynn, managing director, Avonline Broadband

“It provides a superfast service in rural areas where people have literally been waiting years for an upgrade.

“We can now deliver this service to any part of the county with installation typically just a week or two from order.”

Rather than use an underground copper/fibre network like tradition internet access via the phone network, satellite broadband operates by sending and receiving a two-way broadband signal to a satellite about 22,000 miles in orbit. Because the satellite sits high up in space, it can provide equal quality of coverage to every home or business in the UK.

As part of the British Government’s satellite broadband subsidy scheme, led by Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK), families and businesses in rural communities can also benefit from a £350 subsidy voucher for satellite broadband. Any consumer can apply for a voucher by visiting

The dish used to connect to the satellite broadband service

And because satellite broadband does not need a phone line, customers could also save around £200 on line rental each year if they don’t need a fixed line phone.

Recent research highlighted that 75 per cent of UK small businesses believe that broadband is vital to their businesses, with individuals indicating that sales grew 40 per cent in a year due to being online.

Mark Wynn added: “Our new service is available everywhere in the UK, right now.

“From under-served local towns to neglected rural locations, we can now offer a superfast solution with a choice of affordable broadband packages, so that finally rural consumers should no longer feel second class when it comes to broadband provision.”

Mark Wynn, managing director, Avonline Broadband
The dish used to connect to the satellite broadband service