New special school for Daventry backed by councillors

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A new school for students with special needs has been approved for Daventry.

Daventry Hill School will be built on land off Ashby Road in the town, between Daventry UTC and the Eastern Way playing field.

The school will cater for young people aged four to 18 with special educational needs, and has been planned to meet the shortfall in places within this part of the county.

It plans to open in September next year, for Reception, Year 3, Year 7, Year 9 and Year 12. The school will grow until full in 2019 with 175 pupils.

All the members of Daventry District Council’s planning committee on Wednesday night supported the need for such a school in the Daventry area. However, some voiced concerns over the impact of the extra traffic on Ashby Road.

The school is expected to draw in up to 30 minibuses and taxis each day, along with parents’ vehicles.

Planning officers said the school’s start and end times will be staggered with the others already off Ashby Road to reduce the impact of the extra traffic. Some councillors suggested vehicles leaving the school should only to allowed to turn left down to the roundabout.

Planning officers said the council was aware of the issues along the length of Ashby Road and were looking at commissioning work to examine the problem in detail, and potentially find a solution.