New skate park is teen initiative

A NEW skate park is set to open in Barby thanks to the initiative of local teenagers.

The park, which is being installed on the grounds of the cricket club within the next two weeks, was the brainchild of friends Dean Bowie, Jonny Camp and Tom Crowe.

Dean, who lives in Pittoms Lane, said: “There is nothing to do in the village and there were a lot of us who live around here who liked skating.

“If we did want to skate, then we would have had to travel either to Rugby or Daventry and it is not easy if you don’t have a car.”

The opening of the park comes after three years of planning and will mark a proud moment for the teenagers.

They approached the council with the idea and have been involved throughout, including consulting on designs for the equipment.

Dean, 19, added: “It is great, we have worked hard to get this installed so we are really pleased it is going to happen.

“People do not have to travel, there is something easily accessible nearby.”

Barby and Onley Parish Council carried out the work which has cost a total of £23,000. The cash was mainly raised through grants from the Townlands Charity based in Barby, and Daventry and District Housing, which each contributed £10,000.

Another £2,000 was put into the pot by Cllr Robin Brown, as part of his county empowering fund.

The parish council made up the difference.

Chairman of Barby and Onley Parish Council Frank Brannigan, said: “When we were approached, there was nothing really for the younger people in either Barby or Onley.

“It is going to be in a place which will be on the outskirts of the village and away from people’s homes.

“The youngsters have played a big part in asking what they want and how we go about getting it.”

Cllr Brannigan added: “In Barby and Onley, there are a lot of children and a lot of older people and there are plenty of things for both of those groups to do.

“This though will offer something specifically for the teenagers and also makes them feel like a part of the community.

The parish council also has plans to extend the skate park in the coming years when further funding can be secured.

Catherine Camp, clerk, said: “We wanted to do something for them and we can make it bigger in the future.

“We are really grateful for all of the work the youngsters have put into this.”