New school head revealed

Shez Webb
Shez Webb

The new principal designate for a proposed special school in Daventry has said she is delighted by the response from parents.

Shez Webb, who is currently the headteacher at Northgate School Arts College in Northampton, attended a meeting held in the town on Tuesday last week where she was unveiled to parents.

Miss Webb said: “There were a lot of parents there, some of whom have very young children who would be eligible to come to the school.

“They were asking questions about the type of care available during the holidays and would there be summer camps. But also about the facilities that would be available for the children.”

She believes that having the school in the town will make a difference to youngsters with special educational needs.

Miss Webb added: “There is a big expansion of both Northampton and Daventry. With Northgate and many other schools full, we wondered where those pupils were going to go.

“It is excellent that this trust has come in and we of course wanted to be a part of it. We have children who come from Daventry to the school at the moment and for children with autism, travelling can be very difficult. It is a long way from Daventry to Northampton.

“Anything that cuts down that travelling time has to be very good news.”

The team behind the new academy are delighted with the appointment.

Simon Rule from Education Excellence for All Trust (EE4A) said: “Shez is an inspirational leader with more than 25 years in special education, and brings a wealth of experience in supporting a wide range of children’s needs.

“Shez has a very clear vision of what makes a special school ‘outstanding’ and the ability to develop a strong, committed team to make that vision a reality.

“She will ensure that the Daventry Special Academy will offer its children and young people the best possible start in their journeys to adulthood.”

The EE4A trust has been selected to go to an interview with the Department of Education to take place tomorrow (Friday).

A decision on whether the academy will be given the go-ahead is due in September.

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