New scheme aims to make the town safer

Sam Dobbs
Sam Dobbs
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Police in Daventry have welcomed the re-launch of the Pubwatch scheme in the town.

The organisation comprising of local pubs and clubs was restarted on Monday, October 6.

It sees members meeting regularly to discuss incidents and sanctioning people who commit offences or who are a nuisance. Members are entitled to use the town centre CCTV radios and to receive reports from the police of those subject to bans.

Sgt Sam Dobbs of the town’s Safer Community Team said: “We welcome and support any initiative to keep the town safe from violent, drunken or antisocial behaviour.

“The majority of people who use our pubs and clubs behave themselves and drink responsibly. Their enjoyment can often be ruined by a very small number of idiots who can’t take their drink.

“Seeing local licensees as part of the solution to such problems rather than the cause of them is a great starting point, and I welcome the reinvigoration of this scheme, as it sees the licensing community managing itself.”

Current membership includes Caseys, Chasers, The Square, The Dun Cow, Fridays, Wetherspoons, The Pike & Eel, The Peppermill, Middlemoore Farm and Daventry Football Club.

Scott Garbett, manager of The Square nightclub, and chairman of Pubwatch said: “The Daventry Pubwatch Scheme in the past has not performed as effectively as it should and was not always taken seriously.

“We are confident that the new scheme will now be able to make a difference within the town, reducing crime and disorder therefore making Daventry a safer and more enjoyable place.

“I look forward to welcoming new members. We have already agreed to expand the scheme to neighbouring villages within the area so we strengthen not only Daventry as a town but also as a district.”