New safety initiative launched in Northamptonshire after death of runner

The new signs to help alert drivers to popular running routesThe new signs to help alert drivers to popular running routes
The new signs to help alert drivers to popular running routes
The death of a runner while out on a training run has prompted a new intitiative to ensure popular running routes are kept safe.

Northamptonshire County Council are linking with Northampton Road Runners for the scheme which aims to ensure runners and other road users are alert to the potential dangers.

Signs will be created to alert motorists to the presence of the runners, especially when their routes require them to cross roads. Runners can help themselves to be seen by wearing hi-vis clothing and flashing lights enabling drivers to see them from a distance.

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A ‘keep right away from runners’ sticker has also been specially designed for drivers to place in their cars.

Stewart Kennedy from Northampton Road Runners and said: “Earlier this year a dedicated, well respected and long standing member of NRR was hit by a car and killed whilst out on a training run.

“The impact on family, friends and fellow runners was profound and will be long lasting.

“Runningsafe was created as a result of this terrible and shocking event and our aim is to try to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

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“Many runners, me included, have been subject to ‘near misses’ whilst out running, regardless of the time of day. This is very unnerving and can put people off the sport altogether as they don’t feel safe.”

Councillor Michael Clark said: “Obviously there is the possibility that this could put people off taking up the pursuit so what we’re trying to do is raise awareness with motorists and encourage them to drive carefully when they encounter a runner.”

Running safety tips can be found at

The ‘keep right away from runners’ sticker can be collected from the Northampton Road Runners clubhouse in Kingsthorpe or ordered for free from