New play areas for town

Hidcote Way
Hidcote Way

Young children are enjoying getting to grips with £40,000 of new playground equipment at two sites in the town.

A new play area has been created off Shackleton Drive, while additional equipment has been added to an existing playground in Hidcote Way on Daventry’s Middlemore Estate.

The play areas, which cater for children aged four to eight, have been partly funded by contributions from housing developers.

The new play area at Shackleton Drive includes a range of Wicksteed equipment, including fun mobile phone communicators and a Buddy Board rocker as well as a climbing frame, slides, a roundabout and swings.

It has cost a total of £24,500.

The playground at Hidcote Way already caters well for older children, with climbing frames, swings and a cable slide. New additions for younger children include a tower with a double slide, a see-saw, swings and a roundabout costing around £15,000.

The money has come from developers.

A public consultation was held last year asking families what they wanted to see and the most popular design was selected.

Parent Vanessa Coleman, who lives on Middlemore, said she was delighted with the new play equipment at Hidcote Way.

She said: “It’s really nice because it’s a safe environment for toddlers to play in and it provides an opportunity for parents with children of similar ages to meet up.

“When we heard the play equipment was going to be installed we went online and chose our favourite option out of the designs put forward.

“We also asked for railings and a bench to be installed and that has been done too so we couldn’t be more pleased. My only hope is that people respect the play area and don’t drop litter.” DDC’s community, culture and leisure portfolio holder, Cllr Alan Hills, said: “Our consultation showed that families at the Middlemore estate wanted more play equipment for younger children. Older children are well catered for but as the estate has grown there are more families with younger children and the new equipment will cater for them.

“We’re delighted to have the new play equipment at both sites in place for the summer and I hope children enjoy playing on it for years to come.”