New plans will make danger roads safer

PLANS to put parking bays on some of Daventry’s most notorious roads may reduce the speed of the traffic and make them safer, it is hoped.

The action follows a series of accidents on Badby Road West, Tyne Road and Thames Road this year, one of which killed a father of two on his 11th wedding anniversary in September.

Councillors and concerned residents have since called for action to prevent more fatalities on these roads with Councillor Chris Long and County Highways officers reviewing road safety in the area.

County Highways engineers have explored new ways of addressing the problem roads. It is thought that the current three-lane width may be one reason drivers speed along the stretch.

The proposals therefore aim to reduce the current three lanes down to two by marking out parking bays on Tyne Road and Thames Road which lead to Badby Road West.

It also proposes extending road markings where other roads join Thames and Tyne, making the give way line join the central edge of the parking bays and reducing the width of the road.

A new one-metre-wide central hatched white line (chevroned area) will also be introduced to separate the two lanes of traffic.

Northamptonshire County Councillor Chris Long said: “I am extremely grateful to county highways for listening to the case for action put to them and for their response.

“I hope that once the work has been completed it will stem the problem which has existed in these locations for some years.”

The work has now been agreed and will be funded by the Northamptonshire County Council’s road safety departement and the work should be completed in the next financial year.