New plan will make Drayton’s danger road safer

PLANS to look at a dangerous junction on the Drayton estate in Daventry may prevent pedestrians being put at risk when crossing.

Drivers emerging from Williams terrace onto Western Avenue have encountered problems seeing oncoming traffic due to cars parked on either side of the road.

Similarly pedestrians have been unable to see oncoming cars, something the Drayton Residents Association believes poses a huge danger.

A draft plan from county highways, following a meeting on Monday with Cllr Chris Long and a member of the DRA, shows that they intend to paint yellow lines to prevent cars parking there and reduce the risk of an accident.

Member of the DRA Cllr Lynne Taylor said: “It is absolutely excellent news that they intend to do something.

“It just shows that when you work hand in hand with people who care about what they are doing you can really get things done.”

Mrs Taylor previously said drivers simply could not see what was coming on the roads making it severely dangerous and a big concern for the association as well as many residents.

Many residents shared her concern at DRA annual general meeting last week and believed that the only way to rectify the problem would be to implement yellow lines before an accident happened.

She added: “It really will make a big difference and I think a lot of people in Drayton will be very pleased with this result.”

Cllr Long, who set up Monday’s meeting and took a walk around the Drayton roads to decide on the action to be taken, is also pleased with the result.

He said: “About a year ago we had complaints from Drayton residents about a similar problem on another part of the road and we put down yellow lines then to prevent people parking and this was very successful.

“Now a draft has been drawn up it will take two to three months to implement. You can’t just put yellow lines down unfortunately you need to get a road order but we are now in the process.”

As well as the junction the DRA also expressed concerns about the deterioration of the carriageway and path on Orchard Street and Lake Crescent both of which have significant pot holes and faded white lines.

Following the meeting these pot holes are to be rectified by county highways through contractors MGWSP in the next few weeks with other Drayton roads being repaired where it is felt necessary.