New plan drawn up for village

People behind the neighbourhood plan in Weedon
People behind the neighbourhood plan in Weedon

Residents in Weedon have been urged to take part in a questionnaire which could lead to a neighbourhood plan being set up in the village.

The questionnaires, which have been drawn up by the Neighbourhood Planning steering group, will be delivered to all of the households for the first weekend in June.

A neighbourhood development plan establishes general planning policies for an area and outlines areas where new homes and offices should be built.

It also gives people the chance to outline the type of development they want for their community.

Parish councillor, and one of the people behind the group, Ann Ranshaw said: “We have put in a lot of work so that it will give us a good basis for knowing what residents are thinking about the probability of new development in the parish.

“Our motto is have your say.

“We need as many people as possible to complete the questionnaire as possible.”

The group is writing to local community groups, employers and landowners asking them to fill out the survey.

Cllr Ranshaw added: “We have a primary school that is full at the moment but is there going to be room if there is more development?

“It looks great we have a lovely school and doctors, and then people coming into the village might find they can’t get a place.”

The local town cryer, Neil Anthony will be outside local shops on Saturday, June 7 and 14 between 10am and noon to encourage people to fill in the questionnaires.

It can be completed online by going to NP.

For further details about the neighbourhood plan, visit