New nursery opens up in the town centre

Stephanie Cooney, Elsie Butcher and Charlie-Mae Stevens in the new nursery
Stephanie Cooney, Elsie Butcher and Charlie-Mae Stevens in the new nursery

An infant school in Daventry has opened up a new nursery on its site.

St James Infant School has opened up the nursery for children aged between three and four and currently has 15 children attending.

Stephanie Cooney, a member of staff at the nursery, said: “There are a number of benefits for having the nursery on the site of the infant school. For the youngsters who are coming into the school it will give them a chance to get used to the environment and the surroundings before they go into the infant classes.

“It is a way of making it easier for the children who are going to go up to the infant school as we want to create a smooth transition.”

Miss Cooney added: “We are also able to use the facilities available to the infant school and we are in constant touch with the early years co-ordinator, who will develop an understanding of the standards of the youngsters in our nursery and we will be able to ensure they have the best possible education.”

The new nursery has been open since the beginning of the year with places still available. Miss Cooney said: “We have got a total of 15 children at the moment and this has come about from the siblings of children who are already at the infant school. We have the capacity for more children to come to the nursery and it is not limited to children who have siblings at the school already.”

For further information or to book a place at the nursery call 01327 702783.