New name marks a new start for school

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A TROUBLED Daventry school has unveiled its new name and logo as it moves towards a fresh start in September.

William Parker School, on Ashby Road, will be known as The Parker E-ACT Academy.

The changes, which also include a new-look uniform, come as part of the school’s conversion into an academy and mark new beginnings following a series of setbacks there.

Krysia Butwilowska is the current acting headeacher and principal designate of the proposed academy.

She said: “I am delighted with the name ‘The Parker E-ACT Academy’ and with the fantastic new designs for our proposed academy. The consultation period was a huge success and I would like to thank all those who were involved and expressed an interest. The students were thrilled to be invited to help design the logo and we are very excited about seeing them all proudly wearing our new proposed uniform. The new name and logo marks a huge milestone within the project, moving towards The Parker E-ACT Academy providing educational excellence for students in and around Daventry.”

Sir Bruce Liddington, director general of E-ACT, said: “E-ACT is delighted the consultation went so well and would like to thank everyone involved. It has provided us with invaluable information to help ensure that the proposed Parker E-ACT Academy will transform learning for its students and provide them with the best education and learning environment possible.”

The school has a long history in the town. First being the secondary modern and then joining with the old grammar school in a twin campus system. It was renamed William Parker in the 1980s.

As an academy the school would be freed from Northamptonshire County Council control. It will get more money directly, but have to pay for services the council previously provided. Joining with a wider organisation, like E-ACT, is used by academies to provide a support network.