New-look museum opens after refurb

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A new-look Daventry Museum opens its doors to the public on Saturday after a nine-month refurbishment project.

The museum sets out to tell a story about the history of Daventry and the surrounding area, but is also designed to engage visitors in telling that story too.

Daventry Museum

Daventry Museum

Housed in the Daventry Town Council offices in New Street, the museum has undergone a transformation.

Previously only open for one day a month as displays and exhibitions had to be taken down to make room for the town council’s meetings, the space has been redesigned allowing items to remain permanently on display. This means the new museum will open five days week, Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 4pm – although it may be closed to general visitors in the afternoons if groups or schools are using it.

The refurbishment was funded by money from the town council as well as a variety of groups, and was set up around the idea of taking history out to the people, and getting them involved in it as well. The new museum has a special area where people can write their own cards to go along with artefacts so they can add to the history or provide alternate views and interpretations.

And in a town with roots in the Roman period, there are plenty of stories and periods of history to explore.

Daventry Museum

Daventry Museum

Another new part of the museum is a recreation of an old fashioned shop. Designed as a teaching room for younger visitors, or as a piece of nostalgia for the not-so-young, it provides a window into how the town used to operate.

The museum opens on 
Saturday at 11am.