New lights on way, but wait your turn

NEW energy-efficient and brighter street lights will start to appear on Daventry’s streets from February.

The new lights are said to use less energy than traditional models, but create more light. Now some councillors claim this could go some way to alleviating the problems of Daventry’s dark pavements since around half the street lights were switched off.

Northamptonshire County Council said the first areas of Daventry will get the new street lights in early February, but other areas may have to wait up to five years for their installation.

The first streets lights will be put up in Welton Road, Osprey Drive, Teal Close, Roderick Way, Dean Walk, Rockingham Close, Salcey Close, Mallory Way, Speke Drive, Roman Way, Cook Close, Rhodes Close, Raleigh Court.

The council has said that because installing the new style lights requires extensive disruption and potential road closures, they will be installed as part of other major roadworks.

A spokesman said: “It’s a five- year project to replace the existing street lights the council owns.

“We’re not going around from one street to the next one in progress around the area because the amount of work would require too much disruption.

“When there is major highways work planned the installation of the new lights will be linked to that.”

Street lights in many villages which are owned by their parish council, have been unaffected by the switch-off, and will not be included in the replacement work.

The county council’s policy of switching off half the old lights to save money has come under fire from Parliament too.

At Westminster Labour’s Stella Creasy said it was “breathtakingly complacent” of the government to allow this to happen without understanding the effects, naming Northamptonshire among the counties she had concerns over.

Previously Communities Secretary Eric Pickles has called it a “sensible move” but only if the lights are switched off for a “sensible” part of the night.