New jobs to come to Daventry with industrial units plan

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Around 115 new jobs could be on the way for Daventry as Daventry District Council moves ahead with plans to expand the Marches industrial estate.

On Wednesday night next week the council’s planning committee will discuss opening up a new area of the industrial estate on the southern edge of town.

Rather than expanding into the countryside though, the council is looking to develop an area known as the Knoll; a patch of shrubs and trees in the centre of the estate, off South March.

The planning application would allow the council’s property and development department build access roads, landscape the site, and level off areas for buildings.

The indicative masterplan for the 2.2 hectare site shows there could be up to seven units – five smaller ones and two larger – suitable for light industry or businesses.

The report to be given to councillors says: “The proposed development will enable additional light industrial units to be built within an existing primarily industrial area.

“The site is located in a sustainable location, with good transport connections.

“The site is presently primarily wooded. The development will have an impact on biodiversity and ecology but this can be minimised by new planting and measures designed to encourage the return of a variety of species.”

The new units would provide a total of 2,700 sq metres of floorspace, with 115 parking spaces giving an indication of the number of jobs.

Despite it being an industrial development, there have been no objections. One of the ward’s councillors Alan Hills supports the plans.

Concerns have been raised by nearby units around parking on roads by staff cars and delivery lorries. They have asked that the area is designated to stop cars parking there during the day, and lorries using it overnight. They have also asked for signs to direct traffic better, to prevent HGVs going the wrong way and having to turn around in the road.

The planning committee meets at 6.15pm on Wednesday evening at the council’s Lodge Road offices. Members of the public can attend; anyone wanting to speak on an application must contact Marina Watkins on 01327 302236 by noon on Wednesday.