New homes leads to fresh calls for school

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PLANS to build 147 new homes on Daventry’s Middlemore estate have been unveiled.

Bellway Homes is hoping to develop site eight and nine on the town estate (as highlighted in red on the aerial picture to the left).

An outline planning application was granted by Daventry District Council in (DDC) in 2005, and now Bellway has submitted firm plans for the development.

People living on Middlemore believe more local amenities are needed to keep up with the growing population.

Jenny Hardcastle, who has a young daughter, said: “I don’t mind the houses being built but there aren’t enough facilities here.

“If we are going to have around 140 new families then we need things like a school.

“All the children around here are going to different schools which is a shame.

“All we have is a tiny shop and a pub but that is it.

“If you need to get anything else you have to drive and that’s obviously not very good for the carbon footprint.

“The play facilities are quite poor, particularly for toddlers.”

When plans for the estate were first unveiled around 10-years ago a new primary school was part of the blueprint.

But that idea was later scrapped and children from Middlemoore now use Ashby Fields Primary School, the Grange School and some village schools.

Colin Morgan, who is mayor of Daventry and also lives on the estate, said: “We knew when we bought the house in 2004 that there would be developments so it’s something we expect.

“But one thing I will say is we really do still need a primary school to be built here. That’s one thing that appealed to people moving here and was one of the reasons we decided to live on Middlemore.

“It’s good to see the development happening and I welcome the full completion of the estate, but we do need a school.”

Cllr Chris Long, who represents Abbey North on DDC, added: “Whilst generally welcoming further development it once again raises the issue of infrastructure needing to be put in place before further development is allowed to proceed.

“Whilst both Ashby Fields and the Grange school are excellent in respect of their standards, the logistics for parents of getting children to and from school are far from easy.

“There also needs to be more recreational facilities for youngsters.

“And cycle ways need to be improved to link the estate to the town centre, otherwise it’s in danger of becoming its own little village.”