New homes for Middlemore

PROPOSALS to build 45 new homes for rent on the Middlemore estate in Daventry have been unveiled.

The scheme costing £3.5 million will see 32 homes built for commercial rental, with an extra 13 set to be affordable. Subject to getting planning permission, work on the new homes could start this summer and be completed by June 2013. The plans have been put together by Daventry District Council (DDC) working with Galliford Try and the East Midlands Housing Association.

The new homes are designed as ‘Life Time Homes’, a term used for buildings capable of being adapted in future years to provide flexibility for tenants who become less able.

DDC chief executive Ian Vincent said: “There is currently a need for homes to rent in the district and this initiative will help to meet that demand while ensuring that construction activities continue to take place in Daventry despite the current economic climate.

“We are very much looking forward to working with Galliford Try and East Midlands Housing Association on this project and are sure that this partnership working will produce quality homes that people will enjoy living in.

“This is an innovative approach that could become best practice for other councils.”

The homes will be built on the land that was originally set aside for a school on the estate but Northamptonshire County Council decided it was not needed.

The commercial rental properties are designed to provide DDC with a source of income.