New homes could be part of plans to increase population

The Mickle Well Park Development could form part of the Daventry 2040 Masterplan to increase the town’s population from its present 22,000 to around 40,000 to match with the town centre regeneration plans.

However, according to the developers behind Mickle Well Park, there is currently an under supply of new housing in the Daventry area and last year the council was one of seven authorities in the country put on a Government ‘special measures’ shortlist for persistently failing to deliver big planning consents.

The emerging joint core strategy, which is due to be adopted later this autumn, allocates 2,600 new homes to Daventry in the period up to 2029.

Landform, and its housing partner Orbit, believe that Mickle Well Park can contribute significantly to meeting these housing needs and importantly that the project can be fully delivered within the next five years.

The development would also take the opportunity to provide self build homes – a move being supported by the Government which wants to see the annual rate of self-build increase.

In the April 2014 budget the Government said it would make a £150 million Custom Build Serviced Plot Fund available to help bring forward more land. However, the lack of availability of land with infrastructure and services is, by a considerable margin, the single biggest constraint to the delivery of self-build housing.

The Mickle Well Park project aims to unlock this pent-up demand.