New head aims to build on success at village school

Pictured is Kim Cresswell, the new headteacher at Newnham school.
Pictured is Kim Cresswell, the new headteacher at Newnham school.
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A NEW headteacher has been appointed at Newnham Primary School.

Kim Cresswell has taken on the top role after a lifetime of teaching.

She first joined the school five years ago as a part time teacher for two days a week. From there she became assistant headteacher two years ago and has been acting head since the start of the school year in September.

Mrs Cresswell was thrilled to be formally taking on the position on a permanent basis.

She said: “I am absolutely delighted. The atmosphere here and ethos of the children is extremely rewarding.

“I know from my time here that the teaching staff are a very dedicated group of people and the children are a joy to be with.”

She has already started setting up plans to improve the school, its results and reputation in the wider community.

Mrs Cresswell said: “We have done a homework project which the parents have had to get involved in and that’s the first time we have done that.

“I would like to see the older children look after the younger ones and I want to boost the academic side so that we can do better in the league tables.

She takes over from John Lawson who left at the end of the last school year to become the headteacher of Roade Primary School, in a village just south of Northampton.

Mrs Cresswell said: “Mr Lawson was always very forward looking and he has a wonderful sense of humour, very much a people person.

“But I think he established the school with really good values and he has been missed.”

She also thanked the parents for all of their kind messages since her appointment.

Mrs Cresswell added: “Thank you to the governors for giving me this opportunity and to the parents who have been very encouraging and supportive throughout.

“It is a very caring community and I am looking forward to carrying out the role.”