New group pledges to help homeless

Pictured are Cllr Chris Long, Deborah Jewell & Canon Michael Webber
Pictured are Cllr Chris Long, Deborah Jewell & Canon Michael Webber

A new scheme to help people sleeping rough in Daventry has been launched by Daventry District Council, Daventry Town Council and Churches Together.

The initiative will see all three organisations working together and the problems of homelessness is the first to be tackled.

Canon Michael Webber said: “We see a lot of the problems at first hand when the Street Pastors go out in Daventry in the evening to help people.

“For people sleeping rough, it is a big problem, especially at this time of year when the colder weather starts coming in.”

He stressed that, while the problem was not as severe as the ones faced by towns such as Northampton and Rugby, they were keen to help as much as possible.

Canon Webber added: “It is not as bad as it is in other places, but it is an issue for those who are affected.”

The district council is currently looking at what can be done to help and the idea came out of the first meeting between all three organisations last month.

The idea is a similar one to an initiative launched by Canon Webber when he was a rector in Wellingborough although he pointed out there were differences between there and Daventry.

Canon Webber said: “It is a very different situation here because you have the different organisations.

“The first meeting was very much everyone outlining what they do.

“We then hope as a result of this, we will meet to see if there are any issues in the town which all of us can tackle. We have another meeting lined up in the new year.”

Cllr Chris Long, from Daventry District Council, shared his sentiments.

He added: “There are a lot of times when both the town council and the district council have not worked together and this is what we are trying to do to help the people of Daventry and resolve the other issues going forward into 2014.

“The first meeting was very much an introduction and to see what all of the parties can do.”