New face, and a new party for Daventry

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Adam Collyer became Daventry’s first UKIP county councillor, taking Daventry West.

He took 34 per cent of the vote, compared to 32 per cent for Chris Long (Con), Wendy Randall (Lab) 31 per cent and three per cent to the Lib Dem candidate Luisa Pereira.

Cllr Collyer said: “It was a great result for me and a great result for UKIP overall where we came second in many seats.

“On the doorsteps immigration was an issue, but I don’t think it was everything. The other fact is people are getting the feeling that the Conservative-led Government is drifting and isn’t sorting out the nation’s problems. They understand the problems and blame them on Labour, so they’re not picking up the votes. People want a new way.

“Obviously with only three UKIP councillors we will not be making the decisions, but we can push for things.

“We will be scrutinising the budgets very hard. We all know NCC has less money and needs to make savings. I think the Conservatives have made grand gestures and cut services rather than really looking at their spending. I think there’s still a lot of inefficiencies that could add up to save a substantial amount.

“I want to thank the people of Daventry West for having the confidence to vote for me, and pay tribute to Chris Long who has done a huge amount of work for this divisionand I’m sure will be missed.”