New Daventry support group aims to ‘bring back the good times’

Unity Support Group poster
Unity Support Group poster

A new self help group has been set up to help women suffering with a range of mental health issues.

The group has been set up by Jane Bridges who was receiving support for complex mental health issues, but that support was then cut because of lack of funding.

She said: “I sat one day thinking if nothing is done I could either carry on as I am and go under or do something about it. I also knew I couldn’t be the only one suffering with this problem but with the help of one of our local MPs and Daventry District Housing we got the ball rolling to do this support group.”

The group is called Unity and has the aim of “uniting together to bring back the good times.”

It is aimed at women aged 40 and over who are suffering with low self-esteem, loneliness, anxiety, despair and struggling to leave the house.

The group aims to help women who feel they have no purpose and difficulty socialising because they are suffering day-to-day with depression and other mental health problems.

Unity plans to meet once a week so that members can get together to support and help each other.

Ms Bridges says that she is hoping to invite a variety of speakers to the group’s meetings to talk about how they can help and what kind of services members of the group feel they need.

As well as this Unity will put on activities to help its members such as ‘food for mood’, meditation, health and beauty, walks, gardening and floristry, needlecraft and painting. For those who need help with financial difficulties there will be help with form filling and budgeting as well as advice for those who are not working but want to get back to work.

The first meeting is on Friday, December 4, from 2pm to 4pm at Henry Smith House on Queens Road, Daventry.

Anyone can just turn up to the meetings, but to find out more, call 07514 405167 or email