New crime fighting initiatives

A PRISON van and an increased number of body cameras will be available at the force’s disposal in Daventry.

The transport van will be in the town centre every Friday night to take people to cells based in Northampton.

Inspector Paul Valentine, sector commander for the Daventry Safer Community Team (SCT) said: “If there had been an incident, then officers would have to transport people to Northampton which would have taken a lot of time. With the van, it means officers can be on the street.

“We hope it will act as a deterrent and prevent people from acting up.”

The van was in place last Friday but the night passed without major incident.

The Daventry SCT has also been given three extra body cameras which officers wear while out on duty. The SCT already has four.

They record conversations between officers and members of the public and have proved to be useful.

Insp Valentine added: “If we get complaints, we can look at the footage and find out what happened. If people know they are being filmed, they will also be a lot calmer.”