New crackdown on alcohol-related crime launched

POLICE are today launching an ‘alcohol responsible’ campaign to try and reduce the level of alcohol-related crime in the Daventry area.

Northamptonshire Police say the price of policing alcohol-related disorder, plus health, justice system bills, costs every household around £700 per year.

At a time when it is making cuts to its budget – with frontline policing at risk of being compromised – the force says it is arguable money could be better spent in other areas.

Chief Inspector Helen Pritchett, who heads up community safety for the force, knows her limits – and feels that enough is enough.

She said: “We have to invest a vast amount of policing resource into dealing with alcohol-related crime and disorder in our town centres, a huge investment at a time when the money available to police forces is being cut.

“I have to question whether this is the best use of our resources and we are certainly working hard to reduce this problem and make our town centres safer and more pleasant places to visit.

“But what I do want to do though is ask those who are ‘alcohol responsible’ – especially parents, retailers and traders in this county – to take a step back and think about how their actions may impact on other people. How are they thinking about drinking?

“We won’t get rid of the problem overnight but we can certainly reduce it in time and this would save the police money, it would save taxpayers’ money and it would add considerable value to the meaning of society and community.

“The phrase ‘we are all in it together’ is much quoted these days, but in terms of being ‘alcohol responsible’ it is certainly true.”

Chief Inspector Pritchett added: “We are governed by legislation in terms of what we can do to bring those who are drunk and disorderly to book but I want to make sure we use fixed penalty notices, penalty notices for disorder, dispersal orders, Section 27 notices and even anti-social behaviour orders to the best possible effect.”