New college campus to be built in Daventry

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Plans to build a new college campus in Daventry town centre will now become a reality - thanks to today’s government announcement that the South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership, SEMLEP, has been awarded £6.5 million towards the project.

In March 2014 SEMLEP submitted an economic growth strategy, its ‘Strategic Economic Plan’, to government, pitching for a share of the £2billion Local Growth Fund and earmarking the Northampton College’s plans for a new Daventry campus as in need of funding.

In total SEMLEP has been awarded a Local Growth Deal of £64.4 million investment, £6.5million of which will be used to help fund and build a new purpose built college campus in Daventry town centre.

The new college, which will commence construction next May and create 70 new jobs, will cater for 700 students of which 200 will be apprenticeships. The college curriculum will focus on vocational training so that students have the skills local employers need and there will also be programmes and support for local businesses, start-ups and social enterprises.

Dr Ann Limb OBE DL, Chair of SEMLEP, said: “We are delighted our Strategic Economic Plan has been agreed by government and that we have secured essential funding for much needed, local and strategic projects which will drive growth across the area and deliver the necessary infrastructure to enable new homes to be built and new employment sites to be developed.

“This funding will provide support to new and existing businesses to enable them to grow, it will encourage inward investment and ensure that young people improve their skills levels and are better able to meet the needs of local businesses.”

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