New Christmas lights for town

The centre of Daventry will be decorated with brand new Christmas lights this year.

Daventry Town Council is selling off its existing stock and negotiating a five-year deal to lease its festive lighting from a contractor.

Town clerk Deborah Jewell said: “Our old Christmas lights have reached the end of their working life and are looking rather spartan.

“Storing them also costs us around £1,000 a year so we are currently trying to find a buyer for them.

“We have leased lights before but this became very expensive, which is why we purchased the last set of lights.

“But with the advent of new technology like LEDs and other products, leasing has now become a lot cheaper.

“Christmas lights are very much part of the community and give the place a lift. But they are an expensive luxury for towns the size of Daventry and we have to find the most cost-effective option.”

Installing Christmas lights in Daventry will cost the town council £18,250 in 2014.

Ms Jewell added: “So far we have not had any takers for the old lights. If we can’t sell them, we may keep some and incorporate them into the new lighting scheme.”